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Hey, let's see something cool. Check this out. What do you think? What's up, guys? Happy you had the pleasure of meeting my new baby Kaiya. He's a little over three months old and she's not leaker. She is learning the way. Anyways, I'm Luke Kostka, director of Visual Marketing. I leaks and this is AdLeaks TV episode 23. If you haven't seen at least TV before, we're sharing the most useful and interesting post from the AdLeaks community this week. All of these questions, answers, tips and tricks come from our exclusive group of top ad buyers and online marketers around the world. If you're part of Addicks already, thanks for your support. Stopped by our group today. There's always new stuff to check out, including deals on industry tools, the latest news and a ton of resources to help you improve your campaigns and grow your business. If you are an athlete, get on the phone by going to join at least Volcom. You'll learn a ton of extra help and more than pay for your membership with all the extra money you make. Finally, you can connect with athletes on Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. If you want to see what I look like in different shirts, our YouTube channel has every episode of Addicks TV for you to binge watch. Now onto something I'm really excited about. You're really going to love. Oh, man. They said I had to. The end of the day looks. I'm going to pay some bills. Guys, stick around. I'm going to go sort this out. Welcome back. Let's turn over to our news correspondent, Luke Casca. Thanks, Luke. What's new this week is a big change in Shopify development system. Shopify is removing the ability to have a live development store. Also, development stores will no longer be able to go live as info style sites without a pay plan. They're also removing theme based password pages from moving forward. This is big news for a lot of become vendors, especially if you create info sites in your Shopify development partner account. Thanks to Damian de Franco for this post. And if you want to see the whole discussion on this topic, stop by the Alex Platinum Facebook page. Back to you. Thanks, Luke. Let's look at some video, shall we? Our next video comes from Mary Banani, who shared a bunch of tips you can use to lower your retargeted campaign costs. Take it away now. So what she needs to do is one of two things. Either launch a different landing page or it will Dolia leap for each platform. That's a bit more work for you. But if you consider yourself a full market, you need to B test each platform in thuggy if you can. The second option would be just Taghi and segmenting death Chalfie. That's what they want you to do anyway, regardless of you. If you opened up a different landing page domain or you own it, it just changes the way you do it. So opening a different tool will just be an overt into this problem because some traffic won't be tagged. It doesn't matter what you do. So this is why it's an overkill, opening a different domain to each traffic. So this is basically defined final solution because it covers everything. The only way a person enters that landing page or Web site or something like that would be through a campaign that is already tagging these tracking. So it doesn't. If you open up, are you a little old domain, different domain? Look, what you want to do is tag the traffic that's coming through UTM. OK. Just make sure you have the right traffic skills tag for full studies. So if you're tagging Facebook cheffy, if you want to do Sotos equals FBO or souls equals Facebook, as long as it's on the U. You're good. I mean, not all traffic is going to be tagged with UTM. Me feels about you're going to cover a lot of it. So the only way and this is a place to say that the only way to really take old Chutki would be to use completely different domains. And you a little. OK. So after making sure all traffic goes through UTM Windows, you're going to start building audiences inside the platforms. You're going to go inside Google and Facebook audience pages and the audience liability and say Google and stuff it in segments of users, according to you. [00:05:05] All that great stuff. Thanks me. We've got one posts left to share. You ready? I'm ready. Let's do it today or throwback post to the week comes from Addicks own Justin Brenner. A while back, Justin shared a handy flow chart full of creative angles for writing copy. Want to take a look? Here it is. Grab a screenshot if you wanna use it, too. Thanks for sharing, Justin. And that's it for Alex. TV episode twenty three. Thanks for watching. Go to our YouTube channel. Follow Alex on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and tick tock. Yes, tick tock. If you want to check out more Addicks TV before we go, one last thanks to this week's contributors and the Addicks community. We couldn't do this without you. I'm Luke Koska and thanks again for watching Alex TV.

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