RAeS Webinar: Secrets of The Battle Of Britain


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Britain has always been at the forefront of aeronautical research and development. When it was really needed, the country’s industry, research establishments and individuals stepped up to the mark – that was the summer of 1940. Today, we call the period between 10 July and 31 October of that year the Battle of Britain. This is the 80th year when RAF Fighter Command’s aircrew were the first line of defence – the tip of a long spear which included essential workers, civilians and those in uniform; trades as diverse as GPO linesmen and bakers. Paul Beaver will examine the secret work which enabled the Royal Air Force to stay on top of the Battle as it engaged and then bettered the world’s most successful air fighting force – the Luftwaffe. The key technologies and concepts included high octane fuel, changes to carburation of the Merlin engine, civilian repair units, radar (then called RDF), integrated command & control systems. The talk is illustrated with PowerPoint slides.

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