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Flybuys Chief Operating Officer Phil Hawkins knows a thing or two about loyalty. He was with Flybuys right back when the Australian loyalty program launched in 1994! In this episode of AFF on AIR, Phil joins Matt to discuss all aspects of the Flybuys program including its partnership with Velocity Frequent Flyer and why targeted offers are so critical to the program’s success.

In the news round-up, Matt also talks about the current woes beleaguering Virgin Australia. The airline has just lost its CEO, the unions don’t trust the new owner and staff are taking sick leave because they’re sick of dealing with Business class passengers unhappy over receiving two-minute noodles as an in-flight meal. What will Bain Capital do next?

Episode contents:

  • 0:46 – Fortnightly news round-up
  • 11:05 – Interview with Phil Hawkins, Flybuys COO
  • 39:48 – AFF’s annual weekend gathering in Canberra


Frequent Flyer Gazette articles referenced in the fortnightly news round-up:

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