Ask Paula: Buy a Home, Buy Investments, or Pay Off Debt? How Do I Decide?


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#270: Briana and her husband want to buy a home, but they don’t have enough saved for a downpayment. They also have student loan debt and a car loan. Which should they prioritize?

Javier is sick of being in debt. What can he do to put himself in a better situation?

Tracie wants to buy her first rental property, but she has student loans and a car loan to pay off. If she receives $20,000 from a cash-out refi, how should she use this money?

Vanitha wants to start a non-profit organization in memory of her uncle. She wants to know: what does this process look like?

Margie went under contract on a primary residence listed as a six-bedroom property. She found out that, legally, it’s a four-bedroom home. Should she re-negotiate the price, or ask for credits at closing?

I answer these questions in today’s episode. Enjoy!

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