Personality Isn’t Permanent, with Dr. Benjamin Hardy


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#265: Are you the same person you were five years ago? Ten years ago? Fifteen years ago?

Of course not. Things in your life have changed: your interests, hobbies, decision-making process, and habits are different than they were a decade ago.

Likewise, our personality changes -- and this means we can decide who we want to become.

Today’s guest, organizational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Hardy, literally wrote the book on personality impermanence. During this episode, he shares research on why our personalities aren’t as fixed as we think they are and the strategies we can use to change.

Dr. Hardy is the bestselling author of Willpower Doesn’t Work and Personality Isn’t Permanent. He’s a contributor to Inc. and Psychology Today. From 2015-2018, he was the number one writer on

If you want to rise to the level of your goals, rather than fall to the patterns of your past, this episode is for you.

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