#SCCPodcast Round 18, 2020


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It's a blockbuster week with four cast members back for the Grand Final 2020 podcast! Marcus is joined by FBDonkey, Dunny & Faz to discuss this week's key topics: the best replacements for Docherty, Goldstein to Gawn, Captain's Corner & season reflections.

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  • [PATREON] John PirainaBest replacement for Sam Docherty... 20k in bank and north rookie playing Thursday so don’t wanna do Shannon Hurn... or should I?

  • [PATREON] Geoff LaneWould Dan Houston be a reasonable option for Docherty with 1 trade and 18k left?

  • [PATREON] Orallus_MaximusDocherty > Kade Simpson??? Simpson's last game - they'll be pushing to give him the ball all game?

  • @trouta87Is Steven May worth looking at for Docherty?

  • Todd Goldstein to Max Gawn

  • [PATREON] Dom DunnBest VC option into Captain. Give us a few left field options.

  • Season reflections

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