#SCCPodcast Round 3, 2020


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Marcus & FBDonkey discuss this week's key topics: what to do with Naismith, is Pittonet a must-have, is it too early to 'cash in' a rookie for Bennell, is it time to move on Macrae/Kelly/Bontempelli for Neale?

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  • [PATREON] Orallus_MaximusNaismith is a risk to miss again this week. I have Ceglar for R/F cover but should we go hard with trades anyway?
  • [PATREON] Peter HolmesNaismith to Pittonet or is Gawn a must have this week?
  • [PATREON] Dan WhittyHow important is getting Pittonet in at R3?
  • [TWITTER] @JulienAneseNic Nat to Pittonet?
  • [FACEBOOK] Mathew DonnellyAt what point should we be looking to start the upgrade process? Is it too early to start culling rookies for Bennell?
  • [FACEBOOK] Brendan ColleyMy bench Rookies are all playing. They’re not scoring well, but they’re playing. Should I target at least one of Sturt/Rivers/Bennell etc this week, or is it okay to spend both my trades on corrections (Houston/McPherson for example).
  • [TWITTER] @johnnosayswhatWhat’s the go with Jack Macrae spending 79 % game time on the wing? Trade?
  • [TWITTER] @StillmatickJosh Kelly. Is he playing a new role?
  • [PATREON] Daniel Gregg-MantleWe wouldn't usually trade out under performing premo's like Bont after 2 rounds. With a shorter season and Neale posting consecutive 150's, do we pull the trigger before our under-performers sink our season early?
  • [PATREON] Jimmy FarrugiaIs Neale a must have?
  • [FACEBOOK] Ethan AlfordRozee or Simpkin?
  • [TWITTER] @Catta_2018Petracca v Rozee

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