#SCCPodcast Round 5, 2020


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Marcus, FBDonkey & Faz discuss this week's key topics: early injury carnage including Howe, Fyfe & Naismith, Caleb Serong on debut and is Stephen Hill a must-have?

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  • Double Game Week
    • [PATREON] Chris Morris Would you preference Bombers/Demons trade-in targets given the have an extra game to play?
  • Injuries/Suspensions
    • [PATREON] Andy H - @cahardwood Simple one, where to with Howe?
    • Tom Stewart
    • Zac Williams
    • [PATREON] Robert Hughes Should I hold Fyfe? Is there a chance he could be back in a few weeks? Or should I be aggressive?
    • Zach Merrett
    • Sam Naismith
  • Rookies
    • [PATREON] Tandy Li Rookie downgrade targets this week? Young, Serong, Hill etc.
    • [TWITTER] @stephenc24Is Stephen Hill a must have?

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