Building Better Branding With Melissa Rosenthal


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Melissa Rosenthal is the Chief Creative Officer at ClickUp, a fully customizable app that is helping to make the world more productive. Melissa joined ClickUp’s team in October of 2020 and leads the agency’s marketing and branding efforts.

Previously, Melissa was the CRO and Executive Vice President of Marketing and Creative Strategy at Cheddar. She has been named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30,” Business Insider’s “30 Most Creative People in Advertising Under 30,” and Digiday's "Changemakers." Melissa also led BuzzFeed's global creative team responsible for creating branded content for advertisers and was a key contributor to the advertising model’s early success.

In this episode…

Every company has a logo, mission statement, and advertising strategy. So, amid the torrent of content that consumers face daily, how do you make your brand stand out?

Marketing expert Melissa Rosenthal says you’re not building a brand for the next three years — you’re building a brand for the next 20. Because of this, there are many areas you need to focus on, including social media, billboards, videos, and more. But according to Melissa, one aspect is more important than everything else: making the brand feel human.

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray MacKenzie is joined by Melissa Rosenthal, the Chief Creative Officer at ClickUp, to discuss her strategies for building a strong brand. Melissa talks about her tried-and-true social media tactics, the culture of the creative department at ClickUp, and how she developed her marketing strategy. Stay tuned.

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