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Agile Transformation Coach Badge

Agile Transformation Coach Badge

In this episode, I am sharing some thoughts and frustrations with top-down, command & control driven agile transformations. It is 2020, a good time to start a decade of better agile transformation.

Learn how the Agile Transformation Coach Certification Program links the Agile Manifesto with Evidence-Based management and Liberating Structures. See how this approach lives by the same agile values during a transformation. See how inspection and adaptation can help steer complex efforts like an agile transformation more successful. See how simple questions “Is the Agile Transformation successful” can actually be answered with evidence.

Important Links mentioned in this episode:

  • New York City: Certified Agile Transformation Coach (C-ATC) Training on MAR 3-4.

  • Fort Lauderdale: Certified Agile Transformation Coach (C-ATC) Training on MAR 11-12.

  • Munich Certified Agile Transformation Coach (C-ATC) Training in in Munich on MAR 31- APR 1.

  • The C-ATC Program

  • Get the complimentary ATK Poster

Join me in New York City on MAR 3-5 during the Agile Power Week and see the course in action.

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