191: Beef & Lamb: using marketing campaigns to support our farmers


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In this episode we are joined by three speakers who discuss the AHDB Beef & Lamb marketing and advertising activity that has taken place this year in response to Covid-19. This activity was supported by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) and Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) as part of the ring fenced funding.
These promotional campaigns include our Make It Steak activity, which was brought in near the beginning of lock down to tackle carcass imbalance, and our ongoing Make It Lamb campaign, which was introduced to coincide with the new season lamb being on shelves. This week (1-7 September) is also Love Lamb Week - an industry-wide initiative to encourage everyone to celebrate the goodness and versatility of lamb.
Gareth Renowden who is AHDB’s senior marketing manager for beef and lamb talks us through what goes into the planning behind the campaigns.
Carrie McDermid who works in the retail engagement team at AHDB tell us about the engagement levels we saw from the campaign and how supermarkets got involved
Karl Pendlebury runs the Quality Standard Mark (QSM) scheme for AHDB and is the link with butchers and the foodservice industry. He talks about how butchers shops adapted to the sudden increase in demand as well as how we maintained engagement with food service and chefs through the Premier Steak Night match initiative on social media.
Useful links:
Love Lamb Week https://ahdb.org.uk/lovelambweek
Make It Lamb https://ahdb.org.uk/make-it-with-lamb-share-the-message
Make It Steak https://ahdb.org.uk/steak-night
Premier Steak Night https://ahdb.org.uk/premier-steak-night
Simply Beef & Lamb https://www.simplybeefandlamb.co.uk/
AHDB Marketing https://ahdb.org.uk/marketing
Quality Meat Scotland podcast https://www.qmscotland.co.uk/qms-podcast

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