Chief Mike Sack - Attacks on the Mi'kmaq Lobster Fishery


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Racially motivated attacks on the Mi'kmaq lobster fishers in Nova Scotia have cost them over $1 million in lost catch and damaged equipment and boats. Despite only taking in about 1% of the lobster catch in Nova Scotia, and working within their treaty rights to fish in their territory outside the commercial season, rights that have been upheld by the Supreme Court, Mi'kmaq fishers have had their traps cut, vehicles torched and warehouses set on fire. Non-indigenous commercial fishing interests have refused to buy their catch, sell them fuel, or fishing equipment. Chief Mike Sack of the Sipekne'katik First Nation discusses the impact of these attacks, the frustration in seeing the Department of Fisheries and RCMP do little to protect fishers from his Nation, why he has decided to pull his fishing fleet for the time being, and what comes next.

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