Attack of the Clouds


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The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy releases its 2016-2019 Progress Report on Advancing AI R&D. SkyNet publishes “AI Coverage Best Practices, According to AI Researchers.” The US Patent and Trademark Office asks whether AI can own the content that it creates. And Amazon files paperwork to protest the awarding of Pentagon’s JEDI cloud project o Microsoft. DeepMind announces the latest iteration of its board game playing algorithm, with MuZero, which learns to play go, chess, and shogi (and Atari games) without any knowledge of the game rules. Researchers from Duke publish a deep learning model for interpretable image recognition. Bill Hibbard pens thoughts on Ethical AI. A review paper examines the evolution of explainable AI (XAI) and interpretable AI. Mick Ryan looks at Extending the Intellectual Edge with AI. Melanie Mitchell has a video redux of her recent book AI: A Guide for Thinking Humans. And Google releases Version 2.0 of its Teachable Machine.

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