147 – Aram Basmadjian and His V-Tail Bonanza


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In today’s episode, I’m happy to introduce my good friend, Aram Basmadjian! Aram has a very interesting aviation journey, and it was fun talking with him for this episode.

Aram flew for Skywest Airlines for about 8 years, which was a great foundation for the flying he does today.

Aram enjoys going places with his wife and daughter in his 1962 P35 Bonanza.

He’s also the chief flight instructor at a local college, which allows him to use his skill and passion for teaching pilots effective procedures for instrument flying.

And one of these days, I’m hoping to make a trip to Pennsylvania to have Aram work me over in the flight simulator!

Aram is also a phenomenal organist, and is Vice President of Sales at Allen Organ Company in Macungie, Pennsylvania. According to the website, “Aram Basmadjian is one of the most accomplished organ virtuosos in America.” Wow, well done Aram!

I heard years ago that musicians many times make really good pilots, and I think that’s certainly true in Aram’s case.

So back to the Bonanza, Aram shared some really great tips and thoughts in this episode, and here are a few highlights:

  • Be involved in the maintenance of your airplane!
  • Plane Logix is one good solution for digitizing your maintenance records.
  • When digitizing your maintenance records, transcribe them yourself because you will learn so much valuable information.
  • Good quality maintenance is expensive… be prepared for it.

And finally, Aram shared something really interesting about his specific airplane… for the first 200 hours or so of his airplane’s life, Larry Ball’s name is in the records because he flew the airplane. Larry is well known for his time as the “Bonanza Program Manager,” and for his books, “Those Incomparable Bonanzas,” and “They Call Me Mr. Bonanza.”

Very interesting indeed. Everywhere Aram goes, he seems to attract a lot of interest in his Bonanza. It is indeed a great airplane.

Here are some links where you can learn more about Aram along with his Bonanza and his aviation adventures:

Website for N62BS

Aram’s YouTube channel

You can also contact Aram at his email: aram{at}n62bs{dot}com

Thank you Aram, for sharing part of your story with us in this episode!

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