154 – If I Looked at YOUR Airplane, What Would I Discover?


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A good friend from another airport recently bought this Piper Archer, and I’ve had the opportunity to do a little maintenance on it and take a look around.

This is one of three airplanes I’ve had an opportunity to look at recently… all three were in annual inspection, but I noticed a few things that could use some attention. We’ll save the Archer for last.

First, a Cessna 172:

I noticed the fuel strainer (gascolator) was safety wired backwards!

The same Cessna 172 also had a small oil leak… I later discovered the rocker box oil return fitting was loose and needed to be resealed:

The bottom cowling was telling a story about that oil leak… it’s always a good idea to look for oil in the bottom cowling and then try to determine where it’s coming from:

Second, a Beech Bonanza:

No pictures for this one, but here are a few things I found on this one:

  • No copper safety wire on the emergency exit window pins.
  • No safety wire on the fillister head screws in one of the ruddervator hinge brackets.
  • One loose ruddervator hinge bolt.
  • One worn ruddervator thrust bearing.

Listen to the audio for more details on this one.

And third, a Piper Archer:

One of the brake hoses was leaking – the nut was only finger tight!

The cabin door hinge pins were worn and the door was hitting the frame when closing. New pins and some shim washers fixed the problem.

The carb heat door shaft grommets were worn:

The left cowling pin bushing bracket was loose:

And finally, the fuel primer nozzle was really dry and stiff:

I always love to discover things on airplanes that need attention.

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