2017 Alabama vs.Mississippi State


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Alabama Football Podcast Breaks down Alabama’s 2017 squeaker over the Hail State Bulldogs

In this episode Tom and Dave from the Alabama Football Podcast breakdown the Tide’s win over the Miss State Bulldogs.

Well Played

From the opening kick, Mississippi State came to play. The Bullies were armed a perfect game plan and the personnel to execute. Drain the clock, shrink the game, and pound the ball. Again, and again, and again. Some will lament State’s 172 rushing yards but they came at a pedestrian clip and only the result of a tenacity unusual amongst most Alabama opponents.

First Drive Ripple

In theory the plays run early in a game mean just as much as those run much later, but our minds are often not programed to think in those terms. So excuse those that underestimate the choke hold State’s first possession held over the entire contest. Tune into the podcast to catch our breakdown.

Jalen’s Development

We land on a simple yet compelling conclusion when it comes to Jalen’s performance in this game. You have to listen to get the goods but those who have been racking our Jalen positions dating back to last season, it may come as a surprise.

Cal’s Feat and Feet

Check out our breakdown of Calvin Ridley’s outstanding performance. Including both a big play that will be forgotten and a tendency demonstrated by Cal that limited his level of performance on the field.

Donut Hole

On Saturday the Tide defense presented a soft middle that enabled the Dogs to run and elevated a wave of concern across the Crimson fanscape. Tune in as we discuss options for plugging this gap over the coming days and weeks.

Mini Game balls

Anyone can read a headline, but which players contributed in more subtle ways to the Tide’s fortune?

Alabama’s Next Opponent

Next up for Alabama is a (hopefully), low key affair with the Bears of Mercer.

Kick After – a ‘lil nugget that didn’t make the show

My all outward appearances I enjoyed a perfect Saturday afternoon last weekend. Barely having to move from my favorite chair, I watched the Georgia and Alabama back to back. It was perfect, except for it wasn’t.

As Georgia drove the length of the field against Auburn I was loving it and quickly became convinced that running against the Tigers would prove but a small challenge. But the mood changed as Auburn then proceeded to dismantle and embarrass Georgia. My mood soured to the point that you’d have thought I was watching Alabama get drubbed. Soured to the point I even questioned what was going on.

But there was a remedy, or so I thought. All I needed was the Alabama game to kick-off and the Tide to defy my prediction by rolling out a textbook thumping.

Alas, this was not to be either, and so it went. Until by the end of the night I was exhausted by the mere task of watching a couple ball games.

We hope you’ll check out the Podcast and in the meantime, Roll Tide!

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