Algorab AM Ep. 3: Sidewinder goes to War, Prison Riots in the Eagle Nebula, and the Story of a Dirt Farmer turned DJ


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This week we talk about Sidewinder beating the Drums of War. Conflicts have sprung up in multiple systems and everyone wants to pick a fight with the Sidewinders. Is a prison riot in the Eagle Nebula responsible for this faction war? And the story of a runaway that accidentally became a Radio DJ.
Buckle up CMDR's. It's gonna be a wild ride!
Edited by CMDR Monohive
Additional Material by CMDR Tytan Lannister
Special Thanks to CMDR Rainbro, CMDR Jacen Hajna Wo'Ash, CMDR Rebel Scum, CMDR HunterzKillerz for use of their OC for this episode
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