Case File 132-COVID-19


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In the past few weeks, the world has witnessed the worrying spread of a global pandemic. The virus has become extremely infectious and spread to almost every country in the world at blazing speed. Scientists and doctors have been working tirelessly to devise new treatments and vaccines in order to try and slow down the rapid spread of this new disease. At this point, it may not be an exaggeration, when we say this global health crisis will fundamentally change the way we live our lives and how we view the world. Although it is said we live in the information age, it almost seems we have now entered into the misinformation age. Rumors and theories about the origins of this new global health risk have exploded and seem to be just as virulent as the disease itself. Is this some sort of secret government plot to aid in depopulation? A cover for the massive arrests of corrupt high profile members of the global community? Or is it a result of the incompetence and shortsightedness of political officials who are a product of a culture of greed and apathy? Join the Theorists as slip into sexy hazmat suits and wade into the hot zone to poke and prod at the theories around...Covid-19

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