AAA 513: Unlocking Android 12 Secrets - Developer Preview is out! Pixel 5a is... familiar, Samsung updates


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  • Android 12 "Snow Cone": Everything we know so far about Google's next big update, with Developer Preview 1 changes!
  • This may be our first look at Android 12's new lock screen and notifications UI.
  • Android 12 brings UI optimizations for easier one-handed use.
  • Google prepares to add Pixel-exclusive lock screen clocks in Android 12.
  • Android 12's audio-coupled haptic effect is even cooler than it sounds.
  • Android 12 may use machine learning to fix the Back Gesture Problem.
  • Android 12 finally adds scrolling screenshots natively.
  • The first Android 12 preview for Android TVs brings an all-new Google TV experience.
  • Samsung now offers four years of security updates to Galaxy phones and tablets.
  • Samsung's next watch is reportedly ditching Tizen for Android
  • Hardware failures may be to blame for the increase in reports of Pixel camera issues.
  • Exclusive first look at the Google Pixel 5a.
  • Google Pixel foldable will reportedly use a display from Samsung.
  • Google is bringing games to Android Auto, and no, it's not Stadia.
  • Google's Nearby Share now lets you share Android apps with friends.
  • Introducing SwirlWalls - A next-gen, fun-filled, customizable animated wallpaper experience.
  • Google Home and Nest Hub ecosystem is getting overly complicated!

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Guest: Mishaal Rahman

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