AAA 514: ZTE Dominates Mobile World Congress - Galaxy S II gets Android 11, Duo's Lyra codec, Carbon 1 MK II


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  • Google Maps is getting a new trick (plus 5 other Android features coming)
  • Sleep tracking on Android is about to get a lot better with Google's new Sleep API
  • Google's about to enhance AR performance by taking advantage of your phone's dual cameras
  • Google TV 'basic' mode will strip smart features, apps on TVs from TCL, Sony, others
  • The Galaxy S II still lives: Developer unofficially ports LineageOS 18.1 based on Android 11
  • 'Hey Google' hotword on Wear OS has been broken for months; Google is working on a fix
  • Carbon 1 MK II is first phone in the world with a carbon fiber monocoque
  • ZTE shows off an under-display facial recognition system
  • Google Duo on Android using 'Lyra' to offer natural-sounding voice calls on even a 2G connection
  • AAWireless on Indegogo
  • Paying for good value is the right thing to do
  • Why are Emergency Alerts bypassing Do No Disturb settings?

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