CXLVIII: The Last Duel, Margin Call Deep Dive


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Recorded - 10/17/21

On this episode of the Almost Sideways Movie podcast, our three fearless hosts review the latest to come from the minds of Matt Affleck and Matt Damon before we get to our deep dive: a Wall Street thriller celebrating 10 years this year. Here are the highlights:
  • What We've Been Watching
    • Zach's Review: Bergman Island (8:20)
    • Terry's Oscar Anniversary Review: Amelie (11:30)
    • Todd's Review: Halloween Kills (15:50)
  • Featured Review: The Last Duel (22:10)
  • Deep Dive: Margin Call
    • Trivia (43:30)
    • Mt. Rushmore: 24 Hour Movies (1:01:50)
    • Recasting (1:12:30)
    • Highest WAR, Worst Performance, Minor Character (1:39:30)
    • Stickman, Douchebag, Scene Gripes (1:53:50)
    • LVP, MVP, Quote of the Day (2:13:30)

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