Crazy Sales during COVID – What to Sell and Source Right Now on Amazon, Ebay, and other channels


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Good morning on this April 16th 2020! This morning I’m going live to discuss selling on other channels. How are your sales doing? Our sales are CRAZY right now on Amazon and some of these other platforms and it’s sales of OLD inventory that wasn’t selling before and continued sales of NEW inventory that’s running out.

We’re moving this old inventory and new inventory in singles, bundles and multipacks on Amazon via merchant fulfilled and FBA, on Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, and on Ebay!

These are platforms we haven’t necessarily done as well on before that are NOW having daily crazy sales numbers. Other brands are running out of inventory so now is the time to sell yours! Use Amazon multi-channel fulfillment if all of your inventory is stuck at Amazon.

NOT SURE WHAT TO SOURCE OR HOW TO SOURCE NOW? Join us tonight on a special live session at at 8 PM CST where we’re having experts from the US, Asia, and India as well as importing experts discussing what to source now and how to source it.

NOT SURE IF YOU SHOULD MOVE FORWARD WITH YOUR EXISTING PRODUCTS OR NEW PRODUCT IDEAS? I’ll be talking about how to validate your products right now and how to know whether to move forward with new and existing products. Join me at the Global Sources Virtual Summit April 21-22 register free at

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