Prof. Jordan Peterson The Dreadful Degeneration of Society into Nihilism and Totalitarianism


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Prof. Jordan Peterson The Dreadful Degeneration of Society into Nihilism and Totalitarianism.

"This is not wide spread knowledge" Jordan Peterson on Soviet History


to see the full lecture go to In this lecture, he explores the dreadful socio-political consequences of the individual inauthentic life: the degeneration of society into nihilism or totalitarianism, often of the most murderous sort, employing as an example the work/death camps of the Soviet Union. Buy The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It is arguably the most important book of the twentieth century. Do you want to support his channel? Please go to his website located in the link below:

Dr. Jordan Peterson | Is Neo-Marxism on the rise?

John Anderson

Dr. Jordan Peterson is a man who hardly needs to be introduced. With millions of loyal fans and followers, many of whom claim that he radically transformed their lives for the better, Peterson is widely loved and despised. John has been honoured to sit down for several interviews with Jordan over the years. In this clip, they discuss the worrying modern revival of ideas that history has condemned time and time again. Their full conversation is available here: If you value this discussion and want to see more like it, make sure you subscribe to the channel by clicking this link: And stay right up to date with all the conversations by subscribing to the newsletter here: Follow John on Twitter: Follow John on Facebook: Website: Dr. Jordan Peterson:

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