AHS:1984 – S09E01 – Camp Redwood


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Cecily and A.Ron dish on the premiere episode of FX’s American Horror Story: 1984, “Camp Redwood”. It’s a great looking episode where the cast is having a lot of fun, and there are 1980’s horror tropes aplenty, but that fun comes at the expense of , well… the Horror. Still, fun counts a lot for us, so we’re all in. We discuss our plucky group of soon to be murdered camp counselors, theorize on the possibly sinister background and motivations of camp owner Margaret, and are amazed and delighted to not make it half way through a single episode before encountering a needless flashback. It’s scary-ish out in these here woods, but with a pile of cocaine, a few pounds of weed, and you, the listener, we’re sure to make it through the season okay!

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Long-time club member Michelle put together this bitchin’ playlist featuring the music of AHS:1984: open.spotify.com/playlist/5F9yUfVecKj8UuOuwxr59

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