25th Anniversary of the San Andres Accords on Indigenous Rights & Culture


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Dr. Faviana Hirsch-Dubin joins us of the entire segment to discuss the 25th Anniversary of the San Andres Accords on Indigenous Rights and Culture. The San Andres Accords are agreement between the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) and the Mexican government during the Ernesto Zedillo administration. The “Accords” were executed on February 16th, 1996 in Chiapas should have secured full autonomy, recognition, and rights to the Indigenous populations of Mexico. Five basic principles are central tenets of the San Andres Accords: 1) basic respect for the diversity of the indigenous population of Chiapas; 2) the conservation of the natural resources within the territories used and occupied by indigenous peoples; 3) a greater participation of Indigenous communities in the decisions and control of public expenditures; 4) the participation of indigenous communities in determining their own development plans; and 5) the autonomy of indigenous communities and their right of free determination in the framework of the State. Dr. Faviana Hirsch-Dubin articulates the historical context leading up to the San Andres Accords as well as provides an update on the successes and failures of the “Accords”. In addition, today’s program contains another segment on supporting KPFK FM. 90.7 Los Angeles, CA. KPFK broadcast throughout the southern California coastal counties and internationally via the Internet and various streaming platforms.

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