Episode 21 - ISA 84 & IEC 61511-1 with Guest Curt Snyder


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In this episode, we welcome guest Curt Snyder, a certified functional safety expert. Wesley and Curt discuss ISA 84, RAGAGEP prescribed by CCPS for the mechanical integrity element of SIS, while also referring to IEC 61511-1, which is a nearly identical standard. In this jam-packed, highly technical episode, you'll learn why these standards exist, their objectives, and then we'll provide a high-level walk-through of the SIS life cycle for a greenfield capital project.

Find the article Curt recommends in this episode here: https://www.isa.org/standards-and-publications/isa-publications/intech-magazine/2012/june/cover-story-understanding-isa-84/

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