267: Advice on Insta-Flirting with a Celeb + A Chat with a Karen - Bonus


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Both Kathleen and Bethany are firmly seated on the Struggle Bus today, but they left room for you! Hop on as they help a Tastebud figure out how to (or even if she SHOULD) flirt with her dream guy on Instagram. Did we mention that he’s a famous news anchor? Then, the name “Karen” has become a meme in the most unflattering way. How do real Karens feel about this? Bethany and Kathleen talk with a Karen who has some thoughts...


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“English Heritage’s” creepy Pigeon Pie episode (WATCH TO THE END FOR THE INSIDE OF THE PIE REVEAL IT’S AWFUL): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq8tj1uy1Gk

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