272: What’s Your Job? - True Crime Reporter & Reality TV Developer


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In this Labor Day special, Kathleen and Bethany talk to two people with very different jobs in the television industry! Stephanie Mulka, a former intern of ours, is serving up some truth about the heart-wrenching and scary details on what it's like being a true-crime reporter for Oxygen Network. How does she sleep at night?! Then, Kristin Brutout, a friend from Kathleen's book club, tells us what it's like to develop reality television shows from the ground up! Have you ever wanted to be a reality TV personality? Kristin is dishing all the deets on how to be the next big unscripted star! PLUS... we find out some shocking details about how reality shows actually make it to TV and what special qualities the networks are looking for in a show.
PS. What's your job?
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