Dr Easkey Britton: Episode 348


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At a time when we are all feeling isolated and separated from the outdoors, there has never been a better time for a conversation with Dr Easkey Britton. A five-time Irish National Surfing Champion, academic, gender equality and environmental activist, Easkey’s path from Donegal to Iran and back is one you will get lost in. The primal connection between humans and the sea is the subject of much of her work. Here she explains some of the metaphysical theories that often defy science and how Ireland has entered a new phase in its relationship with the water. It all begins with the now legendary tale of her grandmother bringing surfing to Ireland in the 1960s from LA (13:00). Jarlath finds out about the mental preparation that is required to take on 80 foot waves (26:00) and how she went to Iran for fun and ended up introducing surfing to the women there for the first time (54:00). Other highlights included a discussion of the surrender involved in wiping out safely (40:00), why she believes there needs to be more conversation about the risks of surfing (47:00) and gender stereotypes in the sport (50:00), even Point Break gets a mention! To hear a discussion on Easkey's forthcoming book 'Saltwater in the Blood', her surf film essential downloads, what goes into a TED Talk, what competing taught her about her emotional connection to surfing and much more, become a patron of the Irishman Abroad Podcast Network for just the price of a pint on www.patreon.com/irishmanabroad. You will also gain access to the entire back-catalogue of almost 250 Irishman Abroad episodes that are not available on iTunes. Our charity partner is jigsawonline.ie. In these tricky times, Jigsaw provides a range of resources, advice and care for your people to help them strengthen their mental health and the skills needed to navigate life. Please visit their website and consider making a donation. You can also gain access to the entire Irishman Abroad archive of episodes through our iPhone and Android Apps. Download the Irishman Abroad Android or iPhone apps for free using the links below. https://apps.apple.com/ie/app/an-irishman-abroad-by-jarlath-regan/id1101165812 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=irishman.jarlath.com.anirishmanabroad&hl=en_IE For updates on future episodes and live shows follow @jarlath on Twitter, visit www.jigser.com or email the show directly on irishmanabroadpodcast@gmail.com. Disclaimer: All materials contained within this podcast are copyright protected. Third party reuse and/or quotation in whole or in part is prohibited unless direct credit and/or hyperlink to the Irishman Abroad podcast is clearly and accurately provided.

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