186: How Big Are Caves?!


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Myke had a birthday, Casey got a new president, and they re-live all the greatest hits.

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Links and Show Notes:

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Bake Off: The Professionals
Blown Away
Faith's Dog, Arthur

Former Analog(ue) guest Faith Korpi adopted an adorable puppy, Arthur, the same day that Casey and Erin adopted Penny.

Faith's Appearances on Analog(ue)
The West Wing
The business of being a Youtube influencer with MKBHD - The Verge
Marques Brownlee on how to scale MKBHD while being the face of the YouTube brand — Decoder with Nilay Patel — Overcast
Formula 1: Drive to Survive
The Incomparable #550: How Are Ya Now?

Casey's appearance on The Incomparable's episode on Letterkenny.

The Crown

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