...And Now the GOOD NEWS! || Episode 70 || Canada's Largest Indigenous Solar Farm, Inventor Turns UV light Into Electricity, Flower 'Raises From the Dead' in UK, Utah's Wildlife Bridge Working Better Than Expected, Breakthrough APP Leads Blind Runner on 5


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Huge Indigenous Solar Farm Opens in Remote Northern Community: ‘We work with the sun for the children of the future’
His Invention For Renewable Energy Inspired by the Physics of Northern Lights Just Won the 2020 Dyson Prize
Gone For a Century, Plant Finally Shows Itself When Conservation Work on ‘Ghost Pond’ Stirs Up Hidden Seed
'It's Working!': Video Shows Deer, Bears, And More Using Utah's First Wildlife Overpass
Breakthrough App Guides Blind Runner on Solo 5k Run Through Central Park

Canadian Scientists Develop Eco-Friendly Substitute for Palm Oil That’s Good for Human Health
In World First, Recycling Plant Uses Special Kiln to Make Disposing of Asbestos Safe For Future Generations
This 2-Acre Vertical Farm Produces More Than ‘Flat Farms’ That Are Using 720 Acreshttps://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/2-acre-vertical-farm-plenty-grows-350x-more/
New Zealand Couple Says No to Lucrative Offers from Developers and Gives Land to Nation
Customer Buys Beer and Toasts the Staff With $3000 Tip–As Restaurant Voluntarily Shuts Doors During COVID

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