On Second Thought: Life Is Beautiful (1998)


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Considering the state of *everything* happening in the world right now, I'm making this Patreon bonus episode fully available for free to everyone. I hope this can provide even just a little bit of distraction during this trying time. Enjoy!

On Second Thought is a series in which Kevin is joined by TWO special guests in breaking down another Best Picture nominee not reviewed on the regular show that could have still been the runner-up. In this episode, Kevin speaks with Josh Parham and Lauren LaMagna from Next Best Picture about Roberto Benigni's "Life Is Beautiful," the possible runner-up that lost Best Picture to "Shakespeare in Love" in 1998. This episode includes a review of the film itself, its awards run, and another fun quiz!

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"Life Is Beautiful" - Nicola Piovani

"Buon Giorno Principessa" - Nicola Piovani

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