House Republicans demand Pelosi seat McCarthy’s picks for January 6 committee


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House Republicans attempted to pass a resolution that would make House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seat Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks to the January 6 select committee but it was tabled 218-197. Pelosi refused to seat two of McCarthy’s picks which led the House GOP leader to pull all five of his selections. Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff is one of Pelosi’s picks who will serve on the committee. He joins AC360 to discuss the back-and-forth between Pelosi and McCarthy and says this is “just more of the same effort at distraction.” Plus, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that all state employees and health care workers will be required to provide proof of vaccination or get regular testing. All city workers in New York City will be required to get vaccinated or tested for Covid-19 once a week by September 13. Dr. Tom Frieden is the former CDC director. He tells Anderson Cooper the more people who get the vaccine, “the safer we’ll be.”

Airdate: July 26, 2021


Rep. Adam Schiff

Dr. Tom Frieden

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