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* 3:33 – Lori talks about where she first learned about positive reinforcement animal training and shares some stories from the first animals she ever trained.

* 9:16 - The importance of having good observation skills is explained.

* 16:45 – Ryan asks Lori to talk about how she has managed her own self-care through the years.

* 21:50 – Lori shares about her various professional certifications and why she believes professional certifications are important.

* 24:43 – Lori talks about the impact of quitting her full time, non-animal related job.

* 26:02 – People can visit the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy website at https://www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com/people/786-people/faculty/12632-lori-stevens and/or Lori’s website, www.seattlettouch.com, to find out more about her classes.

* 28:20 – Lori and Ryan dive deeper into the discussion about observation skills, including talking about how to teach observation skills to people.

* 3:32 – Lori talks about the benefits of using video with clients.

* 35:55 – Ryan asks Lori to talk more about why she thinks working with people to change “just one small thing” is important.

* 39:43 – Lori talks about how we can help the aging animals in our lives.

* 42:41 – How to use our different senses for observational purposes.

* 57:07 – The importance of teaching people and dogs how to move their bodies is discussed.

* 1:02 - Lori shares what she would like to see happen in the next five to ten years in the animal training world.

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