MARIO IS MISSING: Switch’s Quiet Holiday (ANP Ep. 58)


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Super Mario 3D World. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. Super Mario 64. Super Mario Sunshine. Super Mario Galaxy. No More Heroes III. Bravely Default 2. Pikmin 3. A Nintendo Switch revision may be around the corner, per Bloomberg News: Matt, Austin, and Danny breakdown what that could mean for Nintendo’s quiet lineup heading into Fall and Winter 2020. TIMELINE: 1:00 Bloomberg Enhanced Switch Report 10:00 The Switch +?? (ANP CONFIRMS) 11:40 Nintendo and The Apple Model 16:40 Switch + Exclusive Games? 18:00 Price Point (Does the Switch Lite SKU Remain?) 22:20 Take Danny’s Money! 27:10 Matt’s Brother Bought a New 2DS XL?! 28:00 Switch + Launch Window 30:00 Matt Lied about Star Fox Adventures 2 39:00 No More Heroes III, Bravely Default 2… and Nothing? 40:10 Mario 3D Collection: WILL IT HAPPEN in 2020?! Super Mario 64 Music: Mario is Missing Theme: Pikmin Noises: --- Join ANP for a much-too-long weekly-ish podcast on all things Nintendo! Subscribe and listen in as we talk about A) the majesty of the Nintendo Switch, B) the heroic decision making of a new-age Nintendo, and C) the lost legacy of our once beautiful baby: the Nintendo Wii U. YouTube: Twitter: iTunes: Find us on the Google Play Music store as well as on other great podcast services! All art and soundtrack audio property of Nintendo. Hosts: Matt, Austin, Danny, Jordan #Mario3DCollection #Nintendo Switch #Podcast

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