Perfectly Hidden Depression with Dr. Margaret Rutherford


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#512: Today Shann is speaking with Dr. Margaret Rutherford about the tell tale signs of perfectly hidden depression.

Margaret is a clinical psychologist with twenty-five years of experience who works with people who are battling perfectionism. She’s the host of the SelfWork Podcast and author of Perfectly Hidden Depression: How to Break Free from the Perfectionism that Masks Your Depression.

Show Notes

Margaret is no stranger to panic attacks and anxiety as she’s lived with them since her early 20’s.

We discuss perfectly hidden depression and the relationship between perfection, depression and shame. We touch on why depression can be more prevalent with highly creative people.

Dr. Rutherford shares how a social media-driven society contributes to depression, where everyone is trying to just live up to the "highlight" reel of their lives as opposed to the messy truth of being human.

You can get a copy of Dr. Rutherfords book, Perfectly Hidden Depression wherever books are sold.


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