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BCAA 2020 ELECTION By AKUMA 🔴 KOOR ABUOL DOT- ONE BOR🔴🎙️🔵 ERJOK APECH ERJOK - BOR VALUES FIRST🔵Bor Community - Australia (BCAA) election of both leaders with their campaigning systems, (BOR COMMUNITY AUSTRALIA APPOINTED KUOT KUOL MALITH AS INTERIM LEADER WITH HIS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEES FROM BOTH SIDE while awaiting for election on referendum of the Wright systems with their leader and their system to Lead BOR people in Australia ................................ Bor Community Association of Australia RED TEAM of Koor Abuol Dot, Mama Keth Riak Ajok and Akoy Wut Lual having Akau Malek as campaign Manager With slogan of ONE BOR,ONE, ASSOCIATION,ONE VISION & ONE ACCOUNT Will help us as Bor people to consolidate our resources so we can achieve what want will help us all as a community , so let's Bor in us speak for us (R.A.D.I.O) Respect, Accountability, Decisiveness, Integrity & Originality that's us all Men,Women and Youth🔴👂🏿. Bor Community Association In Australia Headed by Erjok Apech Erjok in BLUE TEAM Believes Bor Values First will help our community in terms of elders to tackle issues that would concern elders at their owns, with Madol Ciek Madol as Campaign Manager and Akuch Gayo Galuak believe we can do alots independently especially if Bor women have their own Bor Women Association in Australia so their can look after their own affairs and for youth to handle their owns Activities by themselves as independent Bor Youth Association in Australia and to lastly work together as Bor Community Association In Australia. As Bor Community Association In Australia as Bor Youth Association In Australia as Bor women association in Australia, this gives all Three Powers meaning Power of Three. Nhial Majur Nhial did reinstated BYAA back with his team after it was reformed to be within a community due to unsuccessful failures in not achieving all projects Brough to the table Both in Australia and Back home in Bor South Sudan while it was independent , he believe Youth needs to handle their activities of their owns independenly, so they are empowered and to find the best ways which we can help the young people with alots of challenges they are facing here in Australia. Election was meant to be held last three days but had to reschedule furthermore so the date has been rescheduled to Saturday the 14th of November 2020 and would be pushed to suitable date which can work well with COVID-19 Pandemic laws of restrictions for safety of all Bor members across Australia and in following Given guidelines from department of health by Australia government. You can watch the video on YouTube at World At TV or on Facebook page at Boriwood Films . #AnyDay_Podcast #Dengajok_Pictures #Bor_Community_Australia

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