11/29/18 The After Dark Show


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Stay close APEXers, because tonight, we’re shedding light on what happens at night. Awooo! First up, we’re going down, to the dungeon, to speak in-studio with Domina Colette, a professional Asian dominatrix in the San Francisco Bay Area whose interests lie in BDSM and fetish exploration. Stay close…we promise you’ll like it. After that, we hear from with Kyle Chu, aka Panda Dulce, a drag queen and multidisciplinary artist who writes about race and desirability, intersectional justice and LGBTQ inclusion. We’re going all the places, talking about race, stereotypes, and the power of drag. And finally, we have a special community calendar update for you – we’re talking in studio with MC Canalas, Cultural Specialist at the Filipino American Development Foundation, to learn more about the Parol Lantern Festival.


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