Episode 211: Couples Therapy with Tara Ariano


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This week on the podcast, we're joined by an extra (hot great) special guest: Tara Ariano, the founder of Television Without Pity (may it rest forever in peace), editor-at-large of Primetimer, podcaster extraordinaire, and personal joint hero of Margaret and Kathryn. We are, in fact, so excited to praise Tara for her many accomplishments that we barely remember to say her name!

In addition to schooling us on the parallels between Lodge 49 and Succession, Tara lets us know if the new Batman-spinoff show Pennyworth is worth it. And then the three of us dig into what we're REALLY here to discuss: the new Showtime original series Couples Therapy, with which it's safe to say we are obsessed. Join us to hear about therapist Orna Guralnik's expressive eyebrows, adorable dog, and astute insights-- as well as Margaret's strange connection to the show Married at First Sight, and what all three of us would do if Bebe Neuwirth wanted to drink our blood. If you enjoyed Tara as much as we did, you can find her any of the following places:

  • Recapping classic episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place on the Again With This podcast
  • Analyzing the present season of Succession on The Sweet Smell of Succession
  • And being generally QUITE interesting and expert about TV at large on her general interest TV podcast, Extra Hot Great (where Kathryn appeared (and covered herself in no Game Time glory) on three episodes.)

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