Episode 213: Dadwood Book Club, The Final Frontier


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One last push and we, our podcast, will have finally birthed a full set of Deadwood-centric paternity leave episodes. In this final episode of Andrew's paternity leave we discuss episodes 9-12 of Deadwood, S2 but also:

  • Why it was funny when we called Andrew's then unborn child Axl
  • How many times we have to say something in Slack before it becomes funny even if there's little to no humor inherent to it
  • How windows are just God's TV
  • Whether the Widow Garrett knows when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em
  • Irascible matchmaking
  • And, most importantly, how old your newborn infant has to be before you can show them NBC's Kings

Thanks for sticking with through all this and yes, if you're wondering, Margaret is still crying over Andrew's son, and he's even more adorable than we'd hoped. NEXT WEEK: we return to our regularly scheduled programming!

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