Episode 219: Good One/Bad One Continues with Emergence and Carol's Second Act


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A fun thing you might not know about our *process* is that, as we record the episodes, we're supposed to pop notes into a thread in our Slack that contain, say, links to articles we mention in the podcast or notes about audio issues like "For some reason in the last two minutes of the podcast, Kathryn's mic cuts out almost entirely and like you can do your best to fix it, but there's really no way to, IDK." But this week's show notes thread contained only the following:

So here we all are together, just hanging in there, trying to make it better. Tune in this week for nothing pertaining to Weird Al, but much pertaining to: the progression of Andrew's baby's cuteness, babies who are worried about their social security, what a difference truly great actors make to the quality of your puzzle box mystery show, what age and wisdom can teach YOU, and oh so ever so much more. Please do @ us with any suggestions for lyrics to "Syndicated," and get ROLLING on our new TV Book Club: Lodge 49, which AMC cancelled the VERY DAY we recorded.

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