Driverseat Director of Marketing talks Franchise Expansion and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs | Dani Bazely


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In this week’s episode, Alan sits down with Dani Bazely, Director of Marketing for Driverseat, as they discuss the innovative, award-winning business. Driverseat’s franchise-based business model focuses on chauffeur and shuttle assistance, with opportunities for specialized services from accessible transport to tours across wine regions.

With low start-up costs, franchise owners range from young professionals and entrepreneurs to business owners looking to diversify their profile and add another income stream. The entrepreneurial opportunities that come from being a Driverseat franchisee are vast, as the business is scalable and has the potential to grow and expand in an ever-changing industry.

Dani discusses some of the marketing strategies coming into play for Driverseat in 2020. She also discusses the hurdles Driverseat has faced with their expansion from Kitchener, Ontario, to across Canada and the United States.

Time Stamps:

0:45 What is Driverseat?

2:43 Who might be interested in this type of franchise?

3:53 How important is company culture at Driverseat?

5:15 Chamber of Commerce Award: Being awarded the 2020 Young Professional of the Year

6:50 Lifelong Learning: What’s in the learning pipeline for Dani

8:00 Spectrum Board: Goals for the Spectrum brand in 2020

9:25 University History: From Economics to Communications

11:50 What marketing tactics is Driverseat going to employ in 2020?

13:28 Overcoming the challenges of expanding in the US

15:01 Who are Driverseat’s competitors?

15:51 Launching Driverseat in the Niagara wine region

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