Viviane Chauvet ~ 03/31/20 ~ Stargate to the Cosmos ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin &


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Internationally interviewed, Viviane's inspirational life story as a biological Arcturian hybrid, cosmic ambassador, spiritual teacher, speaker, and interstellar conscious channel has touched the heart & soul of thousands of people worldwide. She has collaborated with j3FILMS Production cast and crew on the award-winning second documentary "Extraordinary: The Seeding" as a hybrid consultant, and will be featured in their third upcoming documentary. Viviane is also listed as a practitioner in Energy Healing for the Disclosure Support Group. Viviane Chauvet is the owner of Infinite Healing from the Stars and co-owner of Energies of Service. Our successful holographic healing practice and intuitive consultation assists people from all backgrounds with transmuting past negative influences, restoring soul fragments from multiple timelines, achieving higher soul growth, and creating positive paradigm shifts in planetary consciousness. Viviane is a conduit for higher Intelligence at an inspiring level, and a universal facilitator to restore the balance between the sacred feminine and masculine polarities. As a galactic healer and mentor, she channels Source energy and Arcturian frequency to assist humanity and all sentient life forms to re-ascend. website at: Follow us on Facebook: Instagram @viviane_chauvet Twitter: Linkedin: Infinite Healing from the Stars Arcturians are one of the oldest, most enlightened star civilizations known to this Quadrant. Viviane and her interstellar masters are here to oversee the planetary Re-Ascension process. Topics: Journey of an Arcturian Hybrid - Universal Consciousness Evolution

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