A Very Arden Thanksgiving


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Join Bea, Rosalind, Pamela, and Andy as Wheyface Radio celebrates Thanksgiving in its own inimitable way. Turkeys, parades, presents, and more! Brought to you by Wheyface Industries. The Festive Good People.


Michelle Agresti as Bea Casely

Shannon Estabrook as Rosalind Ursula

Charlita Gaston as Pamela Pink

Benjamin Watts as Andy Wheyface


Colin Kelly as Carl

Produced by Emily VanDerWerff, Christopher Dole, and Sara Ghaleb

Written by Emily VanDerWerff

Directed by Sara Ghaleb and Christopher Dole

Edited by Christopher Dole

Recorded by Robert Clarke-Chan

Sounds effects courtesy of Freesound.org

47 episodes