Interview with Felix Feng Cofounder/CEO of Set Protocol


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In this interview Mike Townsend interviews Felix Feng, founder of Set Protocol. He previously worked at (acquired by Coinbase) and Radius, and graduated from UC Berkeley. We learn how Felix came up with the idea for Set Protocol and how how raised money and grew his team. Set Protocol basically allows you to buy and sell crypto management strategies for the average person, similar to how an ETF works on wall street. Check it out at Set Protocol. In the show we talk about what Set Protocol, which is a ERC20 token of crypto assets that automatically rebalances based on the strategy, who is using it, who's benefiting. We discuss why in 2017 lots of ICO’s were returning nearly 100x and it made sense to diversify, but in 2018/19 the long tail fell out of favor. There is a great article, How Set Protocol Works Under the Hood that explains more in detail about Set Protocol. We promise you'll learn a lot on this show, tune in! Sponsors: Otter Labs - Hire great and inexpensive developer with staff augmentation through Otter. Redeeem - Redeeem is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange that lets you save 15% or more on gift cards using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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