Nigel Lythgoe From The All New Triad Combat


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New ring. New rules. No holding back. The future of combat sports has arrived with a revolutionary new team sport known as Triad Combat which incorporates boxing and MMA rules in an aggressive, action-packed and fast-paced format. In Triad Combat, professional boxers compete against professional mixed martial arts fighters in a specially designed triangular ring over two-minute rounds. Designed to level the playing ground between boxing and MMA, fighters use crossover gloves and are allowed to hold each other in a clinch and continue to exchange blows (instead of being separated by the referee per boxing rules). Triad Combat makes its debut at Globe Life Stadium in Dallas on November 27 and will also feature a performance from international rock icons Metallica as well as other special guest performances. Among the fighters featured on the debut of Triad Combat include Two-Time UFC Heavyweight World Champion Frank Mir, Two-Time Boxing Heavyweight World Title Challenger Kubrat ‘The Cobra’ Pulev and former UFC Superstar ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry. The unique broadcast is expected to shatter all existing Pay-Per-View records and will include special surprises throughout. The producer of Triad Combat is the award-winning visionary and creative force behind American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance (where he also serves as on-screen judge), Nigel Lythgoe. Nigel Lythgoe can let combat sports fans know what they can expect from the premiere of Triad Combat, how it uniquely bridges the gap between boxing and MMA, and how its faster-paced format and musical performances will appeal to a wide variety of fans.

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