Podcast 328: Ben Carey


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How does a saxophonist become a modular synth head? How does a serial collaborator put out his first solo album? And how does anyone get roped into doing a see-all video like the amazing Surfacing (https://vimeo.com/346031783) film? We learn the answer to these questions - and many more- in this episode with the amazing Ben Carey.

From his solo modular mischief to collabs with Sonya Holowell and others, Ben is in constant motion. In addition, he's also been working on visuals (most notably in collaboration with Zubin Kanga), has been exploring ancient Serge systems, and teaches composition at the University of Sydney Conservatorium of Music.


You can get into a lot of his work (and see some great videos) at his site: bencarey.net. That Surfacing video that we discuss is found here: https://vimeo.com/346031783. And the new release by Sumn Conduit - Track - is available at https://sumnconduit.bandcamp.com/releases. There's so much more, but that'll get you started...

Enjoy the podcast!


Transcription available at: http://www.darwingrosse.com/AMT/transcript-0328.html

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