Podcast 329: Doug Bielmeier


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I'm always encouraged when I hear about academics that are battle tested in industry in some way. Doug Bielmeier, a professor at Northeastern University, has that - Doctorate in Education, but also time in a DC-area hip hop studio, and time banging out track in Nashville, Doug has the background that brings weight to his music industry teaching.

He also has a really interesting musical practice. He combines audio processing with a variety of sound sources, with the most significant being his use of the lap steel guitar as his primary instrument. That alone was enough to make me want to learn more!

He's done two solo albums that we discuss at length: Betty and the Sensory World (http://www.ravellorecords.com/catalog/rr7972/) and Beast of Bodmin Moor (https://soundcloud.com/douglassbielmeier/sets/beast-of-bodmin-moor). In addition to these links, the content is available on Spotify, Amazon Music and other streaming locations. It's useful to listen to this work, since it is so revealing to how Doug approaches his work.


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