S1E10 - James Bruton Builds 7ft Tall Controllable Robots


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James is an electrical engineer, former toy designer, and most importantly he’s a builder of amazing robots and other contraptions (like the robotic bowling bowl collaboration with Mark Rober).

One of James' most epic creations are his 7ft tall extremely robust "performance robots". These "Chappy-like" robots have many degrees of motion, really cool head displays, and can be controlled either through scripting or via puppet rigs.

James shares the secrets of how these bots are controlled, some of the challenges he solved, and the crazy amount of 3D printers that allow him to build and release his weekly robot videos.

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James' Performance Robots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWW-6_NYBBA&list=PLpwJoq86vov-vjlb1OEefk8BDxUmujIxM

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