#182: Gerard Bush x Christopher Renz - “Antebellum”


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Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz are both directors and writers, known for Antebellum (2020), Rapture, and 17 Seventeen (2017).

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Required solitude
  • Shifting perspective within a paradigm
  • Truth
  • Bush and Renz’s collaboration and how that has evolved
  • Acceptance of failures and misfortunes
  • The process of working together within relationships
  • Discovery within the arts
  • Companionship within the process of creating
  • The process of trusting your art
  • Spiritualism
  • The collective consciousness
  • Inspiration and how an artist taps into it
  • Leaving behind a legacy
  • When to put on and shed your ego
  • Being afraid to feel something
  • The emotion felt while filming Antebellum
  • Social change
  • The foundations and future of America


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